Computer Repairs

Computer repair is just one of the many computer services that we offer at Get My Computer Repaired. We also offer laptop repair and PC repair. If you need computer repairs, just give us a call and we will send a computer technician to your place right away. 

Computer Repair Brisbane 

Computer repair is a computer service that encompasses various tools, techniques, and procedures that are used to repair computer components including hardware, software, and Internet/network problems.  

Issues that usually require repairs include software bugs, hardware components, driver incompatibilities, malicious software problems, operating system upgrades, network connectivity problems, and network services. 

Get My Computer Repaired takes computer repair very seriously. We make sure that the people handling your computer are technicians who specialize in computers. Our technicians are trained to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve problems and issues in a faulty computer.  

Our technicians will diagnose your malfunctioning computer to determine whether it is caused by a hardware or a software problem. Once the cause is identified, we will then perform the necessary steps to make sure that your computer is returned to a usable state. Our technicians are also trained to build and assemble personal computers and servers.

Computer Repair Brisbane Hardware 

Common Hardware Problems: 

  • Blank  monitor 
  • Mouse problems 
  • Keyboard problems 
  • Power cord problems 
  • Motherboard problems 
  • Insufficient memory 

If the problem is hardware-related, the computer needs to be reviewed and tested for any abnormalities. Components that are suspected to be faulty may be checked, troubleshooted, or even replaced if an error is detected.  This process usually requires special equipment and accessories to disassemble and reassemble the computer. Our technicians make it a point to always bring all the necessary equipment and spare parts so that we can finish the procedure in minimal time. 

Computer Repair Brisbane – Software 

Common Software Problems: 

  • Slow computer 
  • Slow Internet 
  • Freezing computer 
  • Pop-up ads 
  • Application not working 
  • Data recovery 
  • Spyware removal 
  • Virus remover 

Computer repair issues that are software-based are usually related to operating system (OS) configuration or updates, installed applications, malicious software, and other software services. Unlike hardware problems, software problems don’t usually require the use of special equipment. Although some software issues, such as operating system updates, might take a longer time to complete. 

Common Computer Problems 

How do you know if your computer needs to be repaired? If you find yourself saying any of the statements below, your computer is probably in need of a repair: 

  • “My computer is too slow.” 
    • A slow computer is very common. Causes of a slow computer include:  
      • Using your computer for too long without restarting it or turning it off for awhile 
      • Not enough hard drive space 
      • Corrupted hard drive 
      • Too many programs running at the same time 
      • Malicious software infection 
      • Hardware conflicts 
      • Outdated drivers 
      • Overheating 
      • Not enough memory 
      • Hardware failure 
  • “My computer keeps restarting.” 
    • A computer that restarts without notice is also another common problem.  This issue is most likely caused by one of the following: 
      • Software/Driver conflicts 
      • Hardware issues 
      • Malicious software infection 
  • “My keyboard/mouse/monitor isn’t working.” 
    • The first thing to make sure is that the peripheral device isn’t broken. If you’re sure the device is in good condition and the device is properly connected to the computer, then the problem is probably one of the following: 
      • Bad port 
      • Corrupt operating system files 
      • Outdated or missing mouse driver 
  • My computer is interpreting my keyboard/mouse incorrectly.” 
    • If your device used to work perfectly fine but now it’s producing the wrong output, the problem might be caused by one of the following: 
      • Wrong settings in control panel
      • Malicious software infection
      • Device needs cleaning
      • Bad port
      • Corrupt operating system files 
  • “My Internet connection is too slow.” 
    • Slow internet connection can be caused by different reasons. Check the following possible causes below: 
      • Wrong router configuration 
      • Malicious software connection 
      • Too many background processes 
      • Faulty network equipment  
  • “My attachments won’t open.” 
    • Attachments that won’t open can usually be fixed by adjusting one of the following settings: 
      • Trust Center Settings 
      • File Association Settings 
      • Browser Settings 
      • Antivirus Settings 
  • “My computer keeps freezing.” 
    • If your computer is being unresponsive to all types of user action, the following issues might be causing it: 
      • Overheating 
      • Driver corruption or errors 
      • Software errors 
      • Malicious software infection 
      • Too many programs running 
      • Hardware failure 
  • “My computer is showing me a blue screen instead of booting.” 
    • The blue screen, also notoriously known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), appears when Windows is forced to stop completely because of a serious issue. That issue can be any of the following: 
      • Hardware failure 
      • Outdated or incompatible drivers 
      • Software incompatibility 
      • Memory problems 
      • Overheating 
      • Problematic BIOS settings 
  • “My computer keeps displaying pop-up ads.” 
    • Pop-up ads can be very annoying since they often get in your way. These pop-up ads are usually caused by: 
      • Spyware 
      • Adware 
      • Other malicious software infection 
  • “My files are corrupted.” or “My files are taking too long to load.” 
    • Problems with accessing files are usually caused by one of the following: 
      • Hard disk failures 
      • Malicious software infections 
      • System crashes 
  • “My computer suddenly shuts down.” 
    • If  your computer suddenly turned off even though you didn’t get a blackout or if your laptop suddenly turned off despite the battery being charged, it may be caused by the following: 
      • Overheating 
      • Hardware failure 
      • Power supply problems 
      • Malicious software infection 
      • Operating system problems 
  • “My computer display is garbled/black/white.” 
    • Distorted display is often caused by one of the following: 
      • Broken screen 
      • Video card failure 
      • Outdated video drivers 
      • Loose or defective cable 
      • Bad monitor 
  • “My computer is making weird noises. 
    • If you start hearing noises from your computer that seem unusual or out of the blue, it may be caused by the following: 
      • Failing hard drive 
      • Fan problems 
      • Memory problems 
      • Problematic speakers

How To Avoid Major Computer Repair Needs 

Every computer is bound to need a few repairs, especially if you use it a lot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent or delay the need for major computer repairs. Here are some practices you can turn into habits to make sure your computer stays functional: 

  • Backup your data to at least one external device or service regularly 
  • Make your backups automatic 
  • Always consult a professional before making major changes to your computer 
  • Consult a professional for keeping your computer secure 

If you’re encountering any computer problem, the Get My Computer Repaired team is more than happy to provide you the computer repair services you need. Give us a call and we will provide your computer fix right away!